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Gift Card: Winning Together Future Tours - Tour For Kids - Keep Wheels Rolling

Great Gift
Flexible Times
Great Memories
Up to 6 guests per VW

Give the gift of an Experience

While buying yourself an awesome tour for later or to gift it to a loved one are both great ideas, we love some of you who are buying it to gift it to a local non-for-profit, and some to help keep Love Tours wheels rolling. Thank you!

Our gift cards are simple to use. You can chose a tour type or just an amount. If you are ready to send it to them directly, you can. You can hold on to a future use.

  • Love Tour experience with no expiration date for our future travel – Code: ShareTheLove
  • Love Tour experience on behalf of a local non-for-profit – Code: BusFullOfLove
  • 20% of proceeds will go to a relief fund to help people in need

Redeeming Your Gift Card

Once you are ready or your friends are ready to take the tour, go on our website, find your date and book it with the unique gift code. It’s that simple!

Gift Card Options:

  • Love Tour
  • Night Tour
  • Private Tour
  • Cash Value 

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tours in san franciscoI simply can’t imagine a better way of experiencing going up and down the hills of San Francisco than in a VW-hippie bus. The allure of these adorable V-Dubs are only matched by the marvelous sights and stories encapsulated by this ever-changing city. People wanting to ride in a VW bus are kindred spirits who appreciate a small, family-like experience with guides that love storytelling as much as they love living in this city. These are genuine experiences, befriending authentic people, making extraordinaire memories. ~ Allan

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