Winning Together

Love Tours is infinitely grateful to you for choosing us during your visit to San Francisco, allowing us to share with you our love for the city and its people. These past 5 years in operation have been very challenging but exponentially rewarding due to meeting people like you. Thank you!

We are in a crisis that has affected so many and Love Tours is no exception. During these trying times, we turned to our guiding values of Radical Empathy, Rooted Fairness, Open Communication and Winning Together to help us navigate these uncertain times. We are doing what we can for our community by volunteering our colorful VW’s to deliver food to those in need. However, I’m here to recruit your support if it is within your reach. 

We are asking those of you who know and love what we do to help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 for donations to those in need and also help keep us in business. 

This is how we win together:

  • Purchase a Love Tour experience with no expiration date for your future travel. Code: ShareTheLove
  • Purchase a Love Tour experience on behalf of a local non-for-profit. Code: BusFullOfLove
  • 20% will be going to a relief fund that will support PEOPLE in need.

With the purchase of a Love Tour Experience, you would be supporting our small mom & pop business, which we will contribute 20% of the total proceeds to the relief fund. You will be gifting the experience either to yourself, someone you know, or to a local non-for-profit. This is how we win together!

Go above and beyond:

  • Share this initiative with your friends and family
  • Sharing your tour photos & experiences with us via social media — People love hearing from real people!

Your help will enable us to continue to support the community and contributes to the success and longevity of San Francisco Love Tours bouncing back from this crisis. 

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Love Tour

san francisco city tours couple

Starts 8:30-11-2-5
2 Picture Stops
$65 per guest

Night Tours

san francisco city tours night

Starts 7:30 PM
2 Picture Stops
$65 per guest

Private Tours

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Hotel Pick Up
5 Picture Stops
$495 per VW

Charter Service

LQ with people on top

Weddings and Birthdays
Corporate Transfers
Call for Quote

Holiday Lights Tour

san francisco christmas city tours city hall

Starts 5 and 7:30 PM
2 Picture Stops
$65 per guest

San Francisco City Tours

Love Tours provides a unique San Francisco City Tours experince in uniquely hand painted VW busses. At Love Tours, we are passionate about our belief in the principles of Peace, Love, Freedom, and Adventure! Our aim is to provide an enthusiastic and authentic way to discover the City of San Francisco. That’s why we choose to infuse in all our tours with the spirit of the 60’s… to remind us all to appreciate every new experience of each new day!

In addition to helpful information on how to best experience the wonders of the city, our San Francisco City Tours offers beautiful views of iconic testaments to the human industry, as well as the unsurpassed works of art of nature. This is one of the only cities in the United States that has such a striking juxtaposition between the best of both. 

Reserve your seat today and:

  • Hitch a ride with us on iconic VW Hippie Buses complete with blue seats, beaded curtains, and shag carpets.
  • Meet amazing tour guides: locals to the City who happen to be genuine down to earth people, story tellers who love San Francisco!
  • Travel down unique streets where other buses are forbidden! Our routes will open your eyes and discover modern day San Francisco’s local hidden treasures.
  • Rediscover the romance of travel with us and become inspired to take photos, write stories, sing songs, play instruments, read poems, and more!

Unforgettable San Francisco City Tours

Visiting San Francisco is always exciting! We offer day tours, and also night tours for those skyline lovers. 

We are very proud of all our sightseeing tours, private tours and charter services as each one is very different from the other. What is the same is the amount of focus, dedication to excellence, and care we put into each one of our experiences. We strive to not just deliver a guided tour, but rather an experience that won’t soon be forgotten. 

Hitch A Ride With Us!


tours in san franciscoI simply can’t imagine a better way of experiencing going up and down the hills of San Francisco than in a VW-hippie bus. The allure of these adorable V-Dubs are only matched by the marvelous sights and stories encapsulated by this ever-changing city. People wanting to ride in a VW bus are kindred spirits who appreciate a small, family-like experience with guides that love storytelling as much as they love living in this city. These are genuine experiences, befriending authentic people, making extraordinaire memories. ~ Allan

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