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FAQ Hitch a Ride With Us

  • We pick up at corner of Hyde & Jefferson streets. A few landmarks to look for are the Argonaut Hotel across the street, the Hyde Street Pier on the other side, and our VW’s arrive next to the sign “San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park”

    Please note that we do not have an office and we pick-up at the corner of the park. The address below can be sued for GPS purposes:

    2899 Hyde Street, San Francisco CA 94109 

  • We don’t have a parking lot, but there is metered parking, 4hour parking and garages.

    Parking at Fisherman’s Wharf can be a challenge and recommend to add an additional 30 minutes to your travel time. The closes parking garage is:

    Ghirardelli Square Garage

    30301 Larking Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

    Rates: First Hour $5, each additional hour $8, up to 12 hours $35 and for 24 hours is $40

  • From either SFO or OAK, the easiest way to get to our pick-up location will be in a taxi, Uber or Lyft. If you have time, and would like to explore public transportation, below are a few options.


    The faster way is to get off on Embarcadero Station and take the F-line to the end at the Fisherman’s Wharf. From there, walk westbound for 3 blocks along Jefferson Street to Hyde Street. 

    Alternatively, you can get off on Powell Station. Take the famous Cable Car, the Powell-Hyde line to the end of the line. We pick up just down the block from there. This option is very picturesque and slow. Allow your self at least an extra hour.

  • Tipping & Gratuity Etiquette: Yes please and thank you! Tipping is a social custom in America that can be confusing for travelers. It is expected by service staff to receive a tip/gratuity for a job well done. Service staffs are your waiters, bartenders, and tour guides to mention a few. The tip should be calculated as a percentage of your total bill as follows: 10% usually means you just happy, 15% usually means all was very good and 20% for a job well done. Anything over 20% is really your desire to make your guide feel extra special!

  • Please keep in mind that we are a small family own company so we really appreciate the most amount of notice. We understand that flights get delayed, traffic gets in the way of fun, and sometimes food doesn’t sit too well. While we do understand that his happens, cancelations must be made 48hrs in advance before the start of your tour for a full refund. If it is canceled less than the 48 hours allotted, no refund will be provided. If you need to re-schedule we will be happy to accommodate depending on availability.

  • Yes, of course it is! Our guides are fully cognitive of our audience to ensure everyone is having a great time. To that end, families with 4-years old or younger are kindly requested to buy-out the tour or book a private tour. Keep in mind that you will also need to bring the required carseat for safety.  



tours in san franciscoI simply can’t imagine a better way of experiencing going up and down the hills of San Francisco than in a VW-hippie bus. The allure of these adorable V-Dubs are only matched by the marvelous sights and stories encapsulated by this ever-changing city. People wanting to ride in a VW bus are kindred spirits who appreciate a small, family-like experience with guides that love storytelling as much as they love living in this city. These are genuine experiences, befriending authentic people, making extraordinaire memories. ~ Allan

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